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Confident with the whole jamstack ecosystem?

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How can I help?

Common scenarios I can help with

You need a brand new website built with the latest jamstack technologies

You need a website that is quick, safe, easy to maintain and cheap to scale

You need a website that will rank well on Google and convert visitors to paying customers

You need a freelance developer to slot into an existing project structure - that could be working alongside a designer to code a design, working within a team of developers to build a large scale project, or something else

You’d like to transition an existing Wordpress website over to the jamstack, keeping Wordpress on the backend as a headless CMS and using a modern frontend framework like React as the UI layer

You’d like some modifications made to an existing jamstack website

You’d like a frontend web application built to interface with an already existing backend infrastructure, such as a headless CMS or REST/GraphQL API

Why Jamstack is the right choice for your business

Benefits of the Jamstack


Jamstack websites are up to 10x faster. They don’t need to generate page views on a server which is slow and inefficient. Faster sites rank better in Google and convert more visitors to customers.


Removes multiple moving parts and systems from the hosting infrastructure, resulting in fewer surfaces for hackers target in an attack. Your company and customer data will be protected.


Your jamstack website is a collection of static files hosted in a cloud environment with no traffic limitations, making your scalability truly unlimited. Grow your business without worrying about your website going down.


Even though your jamstack website will scale limitlessly, you’ll never have to worry about an expensive hosting bill. Jamstack websites are incredibly cheap to host.

SEO Optimised

Google loves fast and well optimised websites. Expect your website to rank much better, attract more visitors and convert more of them to customers.

Easy to Maintain

A simple, hassle free content management system to allow you to easily and instantly update your website content. No complex server infrastructure to manage.

some of the technologies I work with

Tools for my craft

Technologies I work with

I’m confident with a myriad of web technologies, some of which are pictured here.

My main focus is on the jamstack ecosystem, with frontend frameworks/tools, headless CMS solutions and serverless functions at the forefront of what I do.

About me

You're in good hands

I’m David, a freelance developer based in the North East of England. I started building websites in my teens and have probably built hundreds since then, using technologies such as Wordpress, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I take my craft seriously, having invested in taking my skills to the next level recently with a masters degree in computer science that I graduated from in 2019.

I specialise in jamstack development for some of the reasons stated further up this page. If you’re looking for a jamstack developer, I’m confident that I can use my skills and expertise to help you!

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Recent Blog Posts

My Expertise

I publish posts on my blog sharing my knowledge of web development, jamstack, React and many other things. Here are some recent posts:

Developers: Supercharge your Learning in 2021

15th January 2021

2020: The Year In Review

31st December 2020

Javascript ES6 101: the map method

26th November 2020

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